Marcus Stone (British 1840-1921)
An Interrupted Duel
oil on canvas, signed lower right "Marcus Stone", with labels from
The Carroll Galleries and Thomas McLean, 7 Haymarket, London
Provenance:  Exhibited Royal Academy 1868
Reviewed in The Art Journal and The Illustrated London News

The Art Journal, London, 1868, page 227 and 108:

"The Duel Interrupted - A picture under this title, by MARCUS STONE, was one of the most meritorious and attractive of the works exhibited by the Royal Academy in 1868. It is composed and painted with sound judgement and admirable skill, and may be accepted as the best as well as the latest production of the accomplished artist. A photograph has been issued by Messrs. Virtue, which does it justice. It is clear, distinct, and none of the feeling of the original has been lost." and "MARCUS STONE once more makes brilliant dash upon canvas in 'An Interrupted Duel' (639). The composition needed utmost skill to save it from being dissevered into two subjects. No artist knows better how to keep a picture right; no painter is more ready in expedient. Altogether this 'Interrupted Duel' makes a telling picture; the subject is treated with appropriate freedom, the figures have action and character, and the colour, if not rich, is pleasing and effective."

The Illustrated London News, 1868, page 543:

"Mr. Marcus Stone scarcely redeems the promise of earlier works in the slightly-theatrical picture, "An Interrupted Duel" (639) - a young cavalier about to engage with sall swords with an older, ill-favoured man of staid demeanour, but prevented by the appearance of his ladye-love."

Size: 37 x 61 in (with frame 48 x 72 in)
604 736 8825 or 1 800 730 8825